JenuKallu Valley Retreat - Abode of Nature

JenuKallu Valley Retreat is located near Devaldkere village, 265 kms away from Bangalore, 27 kms from Sakleshpur in the Western Ghats. Our resort is strategically located on the hill ranges of JenuKallu and serves as a wonderful way to experience Nature, ideal for a wonderful weekend getway. Sakleshpur is located in the Western Ghats, a mountain range that stretches from Kerala to Gujarat. The southern range, which includes Bisle reserve forest and the region around Sakleshpur is listed as one of the 18 most diverse spots in the world in terms of flora and fauna. The sub-tropical climate and heavy rains during the wet season create an environment where several unique plant and animal species flourish.

Marked by its tranquillity and verdant greenery, Sakleshpur lies in the southern section of extensive mountain range of the Western Ghats. One such mountain range is the JenuKallu mountain which is the second highest peak in Karnataka only next to Mullayanagiri and a paradise for trekkers.

JenuKallu Valley Retreat is located right near the foothills of Jenukallu mountain giving you the breathtaking view of the mountain and it's ranges. Here, at our resort, you can let the world drift away as you enjoy the exotic surroundings - the spectacular mountain backdrop, lush green coffee plantation, unspoiled wilderness, gushing streams, surging waterfalls, breath-taking sunsets - a truly mesmerizing landscape. Even the air is unique, perfumed with the enticing scents of coffee, pepper, cardamom and jungle flowers.

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